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Ontology Cash is based on the third-generation smart contract blockchain technology, combined with big data and cloud computing in the on-site physical business credit ecosystem. Ontology Cash will also provide smart contract templates and frameworks, application components, and customized APIs and SDKs. Ontology starts with commercial credit transfer and big data, improves infrastructure construction through blockchain technology, builds a commercial credit transfer transaction service platform, integrates the advantages of local industries, local finance, data and other parties, and integrates enterprise business data, transaction data and The combination of blockchain will create a financial service system based on credit data for the on-chain enterprises, and gradually develop credit data as the core.

ONTC Technical Solution

Team Introduction

ONTC Team Introduction

Designer, early blockchain investor, blockchain enthusiast, has his own deep understanding and thinking in the digital currency industry and blockchain technology, and has in-depth research on distributed systems with advanced data structures.
Edward sanghi
Architect, senior blockchain engineer, proficient in JAVA, JS, C++, Shell, Python, Mysql, etc., good at program development of payment methods such as credit, card, paypal GE, purchasesorder, etc., for Ethereum, sqlidily, truffle, consensus algorithm, password It has in-depth research and practical experience in learning principles and digital wallets.

Hakeem Olajuwon
Blockchain senior engineer, has practical experience in blockchain, encryption algorithm, digital wallet, etc., has 12 years of experience in C/C++ programming and development under Linux and windows, proficient in network programming under Linux, POSIX multithreaded programming and Makefile is proficient in data structure, commonly used algorithms and depth.
Clinton Marin

ONTC Token Model

Total issuance: 48 million, 15 million in circulation, 5 million in mining

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